Python library

Archinstall ships on PyPi as archinstall. But the library can be installed manually as well.


These steps are not required if you want to use archinstall on the official Arch Linux ISO.

Installing with pacman

Archinstall is on the official repositories. And it will also install archinstall as a python library.

To install both the library and the archinstall script:

pacman -S archinstall

Alternatively, you can install only the library and not the helper executable using the python-archinstall package.

Installing with PyPi

The basic concept of PyPi applies using pip.

pip install archinstall

Install using source code

You can also install using the source code.
For sake of simplicity we will use git clone in this example.
git clone

You can either move the folder into your project and simply do

import archinstall

Or you can PyPa’s build and installer to install it into pythons module path.

$ cd archinstall
$ python -m build .
$ python -m installer dist/*.whl