Report Issues & Bugs

Issues and bugs should be reported over at

General questions, enhancements and security issues can be reported over there too. For quick issues or if you need help, head over to the Discord server which has a help channel.

Log files

When submitting a help ticket, please include the /var/log/archinstall/install.log.
It can be found both on the live ISO but also in the installed filesystem if the base packages were strapped in.


An easy way to submit logs is curl -F'file=@/var/log/archinstall/install.log'
Use caution when submitting other log files, but archinstall pledges to keep install.log safe for posting publicly!
There are additional log files under /var/log/archinstall/ that can be useful:
  • /var/log/archinstall/user_configuration.json - Stores most of the guided answers in the installer

  • /var/log/archinstall/user_credentials.json - Stores any usernames or passwords, can be passed to --creds

  • /var/log/archinstall/user_disk_layouts.json - Stores the chosen disks and their layouts

  • /var/log/archinstall/install.log - A log file over what steps were taken by archinstall

  • /var/log/archinstall/cmd_history.txt - A complete command history, command by command in order

  • /var/log/archinstall/cmd_output.txt - A raw output from all the commands that were executed by archinstall


We only try to guarantee that /var/log/archinstall/install.log is free from sensitive information. Any other log file should be pasted with utmost care!