Known Issues

Some issues are out of the archinstall projects scope, and the ones we know of are listed below.

Waiting for time sync #2144

The usual root cause of this is the network topology.
More specifically timedatectl show cannot perform a proper time sync against the default servers.
Restarting systemd-timesyncd.service might work but most often you need to configure /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf to match your network design.


If you know your time is correct on the machine, you can run archinstall --skip-ntp to ignore time sync.

Missing Nvidia Proprietary Driver #2002

In some instances, the nvidia driver might not have all the necessary packages installed.
This is due to the kernel selection and/or hardware setups requiring additional packages to work properly.

A common workaround is to install the package linux-headers and nvidia-dkms

ARM, 32bit and other CPU types error out #1686, #2185

This is a bit of a catch-all known issue.
Officially x86_64 is only supported by Arch Linux.
Hence little effort have been put into supporting other platforms.
In theory, other architectures should work but small quirks might arise.
PR’s are welcome but please be respectful of the delays in merging.
Other fixes, issues or features will be prioritized for the above reasons.

Keyring is out of date #2213

Missing key-issues tend to be that the archlinux-keyring package is out of date, usually as a result of an outdated ISO.
There is an attempt from upstream to fix this issue, and it’s the archlinux-keyring-wkd-sync.service
The service starts almost immediately during boot, and if network is not configured in time — the service will fail.
Subsequently the archinstall run might operate on a old keyring despite there being an update service for this.
There is really no way to reliably over time work around this issue in archinstall.
Instead, efforts to the upstream service should be considered the way forward. And/or keys not expiring between a sane amount of ISO’s.


The issue can happen on new ISO’s too even as little as a few days after release, as some keys might expire right after the keyring is “burnt in” to the ISO.


Another common issue relating to the network not being configured, is that time might not be set correctly - resulting in the keyring not being able to update. See Waiting for time sync #2144.

AUR packages

This is also a catch-all issue.
AUR is unsupported, and until that changes we cannot use AUR packages to solve feature requests in archinstall.
This means that feature requests like supporting filesystems such as ZFS can not be added, and issues cannot be solved by using AUR packages either.


But in spirit of giving the community options, archinstall supports Python Plugins, which means you can run archinstall --plugin <url> and source an AUR plugin.

torxed/archinstall-aur is a reference implementation for plugins:

# archinstall --plugin

phisch/archinstall-aur is another alternative:

# archinstall --plugin


This will allow for unsupported usage of AUR during installation.